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We strive to enhance your life and the world around you. Prairie Pharms is on the forefront of small molecule plant extracts used to create high quality, lipid soluble and cell permeable human health products. All of our extracts are derived from monarda and contain a natural source of Thymoquinone. We have worldwide patents on our cultivation methods to produce this extract.


Prairie Pharms specializes in small molecule plant extracts. Our extracts are derived from our monarda, and contain the most consistent source of natural Thymoquinone in the World. The extract acts as its own delivery system. The small molecule size lends itself to efficient absorption.

Human Products

With the discovery of Thymoquinone (TQ) in our plants, we turned our attention to human health. Thymoquinone is an extremely rare and promising component. Currently our extracts are going through extensive research trials to determine the full potential of our TQ extract for human health.

It has been shown to be 5X to 8X more powerful than pure 99% synthetic Thymoquinone.

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